Forest School News

24th September 2019

First time fun for Firs and Willows
Two new classes enjoyed the start of their Forest School sessions this week. From our youngest, newest children, to those who’ve been with us for years, everyone enjoyed exploring, investigating, discovering and learning…
Using physical skills, trying out skills for the first time, perfecting balance and climbing…
Focusing attention and finding out…sharing and communicating with others…measuring, dividing, weighing…counting and matching.
Discovering and looking closely at nature…we found fungi and this amazing earwig shedding it’s skin!
Welcome Back!
What a wet start we had to our first week of Forest School this term! Despite very heavy rain, Beeches class braved it outside for a short time, in order to pick some juicy blackberries…
We took the blackberries inside and used a pestle and mortar to squash them and release the lovely colours.
Next we added flour and salt and mixed them up together with a little oil and water.
Then we poured in the blackberries and stirred everything together to make a dough.
We kneaded the dough and then shared it out so everyone could make their own creation! Our blackberry playdough both smelt and felt lovely.